Our shading technique is used to create a slimmer appearance, and cover cellulite and stretch marks. This is done on each and every client.

Our contouring technique is used to define your musculature.
Two areas are included with each tan. Charges may apply to additional areas.

Please choose from :

  • Cheekbones (subtly define and contour your facial structure)
  • Jawline ( facial slimming and defining technique)
  • Collar bones ( An instant slimming effect)
  • Arms (deltoids, triceps and biceps)
  • Abs ( abdominals and obliques)
  • Cleavage (we create natural looking cleavage that you have to see to believe, or enhance what you have)
  • Buttocks (for a higher rounder appearance)
  • Legs (quadriceps, inner thighs and calves)