Sun tanning vs. sunless tanning – which one should you go for?

Sun tanning vs. sunless tanning – which one should you go for?

Sun tanning vs. sunless tanning – which one should you go for?

Life can never be perfect, but tan can be.

The first thing that comes to mind straight away when someone mentions the word tan is – baking your body in the sun for hours. However, as times have changed and technology has evolved there has been the rise of sunless tanning option. You can simply visit a tanning salon and get a darker shade of skin without any hassle.
Now, many people are stuck with the question – sun tanning or sunless tanning? If you too are stuck with the same, then we are going to help you with the decision.
Here is a look at the comparison between these two options –


If we talk in terms of skin-friendliness, there is no denying that sunless tanning is a much safer option when compared to sun tanning. The natural tanning could eventually destroy free-radicals in your skin, exposing you to an increased chance of cancer.
Tanning in a salon on the other hand use products which are supplemented with natural oils and other ingredients that can repair your damaged skin.

Streak-free tan

Another great thing about sunless tanning is that it gives you an even tone all across the body. As the formula is sprayed to your body in the form of fine mist, it gives a patch-free look.
You don’t have to face the embarrassment of that patchy-looking and streaky skin!

Realistic – all year round!

The most major difference between these two options is that natural tanning can occur only during the days when the sun is soaring high in the sky i.e. mostly during the summer season.
Compared to this, sunless tanning can be carried out all year round. Therefore, you don’t really have to wait for the sun to come out to get the look you have been yearning for.
As a matter of fact, in sunless tanning, you can even choose how dark you would want the tan to look. In a way, it is a customizable option for you!
Based on all the factors mentioned above it is quite clear that sunless tanning is by far the more convenient option of the two. And, it is completely safe as well. If you want to get that perfect looking tan without any hassle, then going for sunless tanning can be just perfect for you.
Now all that’s left for you is to find the right tanning salon and book your appointment right away!