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Forget contouring with makeup when you can have your cheekbones enhanced with our contouring technique!


For anyone with a double chin or sagging jawline, our professional contouring technique defines your jawline and shades out your double chin.

Collar bones

We define your collar bones for an elegant slim look. For an instant slimming effect.


Using a layering technique that begins with us finely shadowing your own shoulder and arm muscles (deltoids, triceps and biceps) followed by shading for super toned-looking skinny arms for women, and a heavily muscled, cut look for men.


Depending on your level of fitness, at the very least, we will shave 10 lbs off of your waist. You do NOT have to have abs to experience what it’s like to LOOK like you have abs! We will never do anything fake. Anatomically correct realism that moves with you is what we are known for.


It takes an artists’ eye to do this correctly. Using our unparalleled shading/contouring techniques we can create completely realistic beautiful cleavage for women, and larger, more defined pectorals (chest) for men.


For women. Liquid Brazilian butt lift. Using our award winning contouring and shading techniques, we make your tuckus appear higher, rounder. Also minimizes saddlebags.


Enjoy the gorgeous leg definition that dancers have. We shade inner and outer thighs and enhance as much leg muscle as you would like.

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