About Amy

Amy Dunn, owner of Artisun at Wynn Las Vegas Spa and Resort is the leading expert in sunless tanning. She began her career in the beauty industry over a decade ago and quickly became recognized for her award-winning body sculpting techniques. She spent her first year researching and developing her own line of sunless tanning formulas, and the highly anticipated opening of her salon soon followed.

Based on her reputation for her high-quality artistically-applied work, and her meticulous attention to detail, she rapidly built a star-studded clientele. She caught the attention of Steve and Elaine Wynn, who invited her to be a part of their Spa at Wynn Las Vegas, where her business now exclusively resides.

Her expertise became widely sought after by other entrepreneurs wanting to follow her business model, so she expanded her services to include product and equipment sales, and consulting. Her salon had over 3000 clients, and she has proudly assisted nine other sunless companies with their own salon openings. Her training and techniques continue to be implemented in the sunless industry where they are considered the gold standard.

Amy Dunn specializes in the realistic custom blending of her formulas, and is best known for using her discerning eye to expertly contour the body using a shadowing technique she conceived and perfected, providing her clients with the realistic effect of a slimmer, more tone appearance.

Amy In The Media


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Magazines (national)

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The New York times bestselling book “How not to look old” by Charla Krupp.

Magazines (local)

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  1. The review journal gave her an exceptional review in the article “a brush with love”