Please bring loose clothing to wear after your tan.
Jean material or other coarse fabrics are to be avoided while processing. Loose tank tops or t-shirts and shorts with flip flops are a good choice. Sundresses are another smart option. Yoga pants are fine, however the looser the better. Please avoid sports bras.

Powder or pencil makeup is perfectly fine. Wait 2-3 hours to apply foundation so the tan can be given some unadulterated time to develop on the face. You may find you don’t need much foundation at all after your tan! When applying perfume, we recommend misting into the air and walking into atomized mist vs. spraying right on skin. Deodorant may be applied but please only use a tiny amount in the very center of the armpit so it does not spread and discolor tan.

Lots of people get airbrushed then go by the pool, just don’t get splashed or perspire excessively! Normal activity and moderate sweating will not affect the final appearance of the tan. 4 hours is the bare minimum to wait before showering. If that is all the time that you have, please let us know so we may adjust your formula accordingly. Optimally we would like you to wait 8 hours until your first shower. Any areas that come in contact with water/perspiration too soon may be lighter. Do not apply lotion or sunscreen until after your first shower.

Applying any creams to your skin while you are processing may result in streaks and compromise the final color of your tan. Do not touch yourself until after your first shower. The areas we have airbrushed, while looking and feeling dry, have a ultra thin layer of tanning formula until your first post-tan shower. Touching those areas can result in the undesirable look of a tan on the pads of your fingers. Resting your hands on or touching any areas we have sprayed is to be avoided.

Wipe pads of fingers and palms with a wet cloth if you do accidentally touch yourself. Try to avoid any skin on skin contact as well. (ie. crossing your legs, or allowing your legs to touch together for extended periods of time)

The following describes how to care for your tan in the days after your service:

Be very gentle in your showers. Showers are recommended over baths. Please only use your hands to wash and liquid soap is preferable over bar soap. Shave with sharp razors. Using a shaving cream is also helpful. Gently pat yourself dry when you get out of the shower.

MOISTURIZE at least once per day. Doing it right out of the shower is best. Twice daily for very dry skin. Use our after care products as recommended. You can find these in the Spa Shop at Wynn. Swimming in chlorinated or salt water will shorten the duration of the tan. Areas where your shoes/clothing/undergarments consistently rub may fade faster.

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